During this time period, the first transatlantic telegraph transmission was sent, Teddy Roosevelt was inaugurated as President, the Wright brothers flew at Kitty Hawk & Ford Motor Co. begins the production of cars.

Charles E. Strode was the treasurer, teacher of the young people, & organist at the church. The Checkrow post office closed June 30, 1905.

One million US troops were involved in WWI in 1917. Two years later, WWI ends. The League of Nations began, but the US didn't join. Woodrow Wilson became President & Prohibition ensues.

Women got the right to vote in 1920.

In 1922, Belva Rhodes wrote that the 1920's Sunday school classes were held each Sunday at the Barnes School, with revival tent meetings held on occassion.

Lucy Bonnett taught at the Checkrow school house from 1924-1927. The church was closed, but she occassionally still had programs at the church after cleaning away the cobwebs. After being closed a while, the church was sold by the ME Chruch South to become "Estella Chapel Community Church" for the service of God and the good of the community. A quit claim deed was issued in 1925.

Also in 1925, Marjorie Sweney was born, the hard road (Rt.9) was completed, and Moody radio began with a station in Chicago.

October 1929, the stock market crashed and our nation plummeted into The Great Depression. Hoover was president.

Sunday School was held, weather permitting, in 1930. The men sat on one side of the room & the women sat on the other. Children's classes were held behind the curtain on each corner of the platform. It's recorded that Marjorie Sweeney threw crayons over th top of the curtain as a pupil.

By 1932, there were 12 million people jobless in the US. Hitler assumed dictatorial power in Germany in 1933. FDR was president, Social Security was established & there was a public works program for the poor. Dr. Roland Butler held a crusade in Cuba, Illinois. Approximately 75 people came to Christ for salvation.

Hitler expanded his control to Austria by 1935 and severely persecuted the Jewish people in Germany. Social Security payroll tax begain in 1935.

Estella Smith, the 17-year-old daughter of John & Sarah Smith of Checkrow, died of typhoid fever on January 1, 1888. The Smith Family was living south of our church where John & Cindy Emory currently live. She is buried in Rigdon Cemetery. John & Sara gave land for a church to be founded in Estella's memory.

The church was built in 1890 by Southern Methodists at Checkrow (and called Estella Chapel). The building was sold to the community in 1925 for a place of worship.

William Spangler kept a diary as a student at Western Normal College in Bushnell in 1891. He wrote, "walked home on Saturday and went to prayer meeting at Check-Rowe Sunday evening. There were ten baptized in the Spoon River today. I saw many old acquaintances. I attended prayer meeting Sunday night at Check-Rowe, at the Estella Chapel."

Estella Smith, daughter of John and Sarah Smith, died of typhoid fever at the age of 17. Her parents gave the land for this church in her memory. The church was built in 1890 and named "Estella Chapel". In 1925, the church was called "Estella Chapel Community Church". Today, we know it as Checkrow Community Church.

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